The Commercial Co.op. Bank Ltd., Kolhapur was established on 18 December 1961 with Members 1100, Share Capital Rs. 49380/- Deposit Rs. 205549/-, Loan Rs. 132130/- by Chief Promotors who were highly respected in the social-values. Their experience and expertise have made the bank highly efficient and effective with profit making by high ethical and moral values.

The Commercial Co.op.Bank Ltd., Since the beginning kept the goal to give financial help to those people who are common, economically weaker & belonging to lower section of the society.

The Commercial Co.op.Bank is one of the leading bank in Kolhapur district.

Technology Initiative:

The Commercial Co.op. Bank, a Techno-savvy Bank, has implemented successfully the Core Banking Solution (CBS) first in western Maharashtra.



                                 The First Board of Directors


Sr.No Name of Directors Designation
      1             Shri. Sakharampant Madhavrao Ghatage ( B.E. Civil)              President      
      2             Shri. Shankarrao Gangaram Chougule (Businessman)              Vice-President      
      3             Shri. Mahadevanna Balappa Chougle (Businessman)              Director      
      4             Shri. Shripatrao Shankarrao Bondre (Businessman)              Director      
      5             Shri. Babubhai Manilal Parikh (B.A. Businessman)              Director      
      6             Shri. Nabilal Babalal Korunche (B.A. B.Com)              Director      
      7             Shri. Vasudev Govindsheth Lad (Businessman)              Director      
      8              Shri. Dnyandev Joti Sasane (Businessman)              Director      
      9             Shri. Dattatraya Narhar Kulkarni-Kanerkar (Land Lord)              Director      
      10             Shri. Vitthalrao Balwantrao Pawar (Businessman)              Director      
      11             Shri. Raghunath Balawant Sangawkar (Businessman)              Director      

                             The First Supervising Councilors


Sr.No Name of Councillors Designation
      1             Shri. Bhikoba Maruti Hajare (Businessman)             President      
      2             Shri. Shankarrao Dattatraya Waichal (Main Councillor)              Councillor      
      3             Shri. Basappa Bhimappa Rangoli (Businessman)             Councillor      
      4             Shri. Shankarrao Kedari Kokate (Contractor)              Councillor      
      5             Shri. Laxmanrao Dattatray Kadam (Land Lord )              Councillor      


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