Demand Deposits:

(1)  Current Account Scheme

Under current account scheme, we ensure that our customer can conduct their business transaction smoothly by depositing or withdrawal of amount from any branch of our bank.


Time Deposits :

1)   Reinvestment Deposit 

To gain better returns / yield Re-investment Deposits where interest gets accumulated in principle and investor receives an accumulated maturity amount at the end of tenure of deposits. (The Tenure & Interest rates of scheme can be viewedin Interest Rate Menu Bar)

  • * Auto Renewal Facility is available.
  • * Loan against deposit isavailable.

  • 2)  Fixed Deposit Regular Scheme 

    Bank offers various ranges of schemes in the form of Fixed Deposit, where interest is paid to investor at regular intervals. We have framed following two types of Fixed Deposit Schemes.

    • 1) Fixed Deposit Quarterly - Under this scheme the interest is paid on quarterly basis to investor.
    • 2) Monthly Deposit - Under this scheme the interest is paid on monthly basis to investor. (The Tenure & Interest Rates of scheme can be viewed in interest rate Menu Bar)
    • The interest will be paid in cash or credited to customers saving account /current account with us or other Bank account through NEFT or by pay order.
    • Auto Renewalfacility is available.
    • Loan against deposit is available.

    3)   Recurring Deposit Scheme 

    This scheme is introduced for monthly saving. R.D. account is opened by those who want to save regularly for a certain period of time and get a lump sum amount to meet future need.

    One can open Recurring Deposit from Rs. 100/- per month to any amount for a minimum period of 12 months to maximum 120 months.

    4)   Pigmy Deposit scheme 

    This scheme is for daily saving for the period of 12 months only.


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